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       J.R. Bradshaw & Co. LLC

J.R. Bradshaw & Co. was formed in 1995 as a joint venture between the husband and wife team of Jerry & Carolyn Bradshaw.  At this time we were both employed in the family insurance business "Bradshaw Insurance Agency".

In 1998 J.R. Bradshaw & Co. obtained its North Carolina Auctioneers License, as we were attending more auctions and had a desire to know more of the inter- workings of the Auction business.

In 1999 we both left the Insurance Profession to pursue a career in General Contracting.  J.R. Bradshaw & Co. obtained its North Carolina General Contractors license in two categories Building and Highway Grading and went on to serve the people and businesses of Sampson and surrounding counties.

In 2005 J.R. Bradshaw & Co. became J.R. Bradshaw & Co. LLC and in addition to its General Contracting activities, started selling farm and heavy equipment to its customers in Eastern North Carolina.

In the late fall of 2013 J.R. Bradshaw & Co. LLC moved to its present location 3369 Hobbton Hwy, Clinton, NC.

In 2014 J.R. Bradshaw & Co. LLC received its North Carolina Auto Dealers License and is now offering Auto-Truck-Equipment Sales with some Buy-Here-Pay-Here options.